Flexible in Food Solutions
A wide range of IQF meat ingredients and pizza toppings – including ham, turkey, chicken, beef, pepperoni, salami, chorizo and more – for wholesalers, foodservice and ready-to-serve meal producers. »
Range of cooked ham (cook-in) and fermented meats, Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) for the convenience foods industry. Made from high-quality pork, beef, turkey and chicken ... »
Special Halal range of meat toppings: beef, turkey, chicken, veal and lamb. IQF process ensures long shelf-life. Ideal as pizza toppings. »
» Cooked Ham
» Ham
» Bacon
» Kassler
» Meat Balls
» Hamburgers
» Gyros
» Chicken
» Turkey
» Minced Beef
» Beef
» Chili Beef Chunks
» Pepperoni-Chorizo
» Topino
» Salimah

We provide wholesalers and manufacturers of prepared foods with an extensive line of pre-cooked and fermented ingredients and pizza toppings. We’ll also work with you to create your own bespoke product through our private label product development programme.

Food safety (we’ve been awarded the first BRC-A* certificate in the Belgian meat industry), flexibility and product innovation – at your service to enhance your business and reputation.

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BRC-A Certificate
Proud owner of First BRC A certificate in the Belgian meat industry.